1. Tangerine Coconut Crunch ~ aka Christmas Coconut - Vanilla Bean infused Coconut with Tangerine EO
  2. *Tara the Forest Goddess- A powerful blend of Darkwoods (a MoonaLisa (TM) exclusive blend), Cedar wood and Patchouli. Heady and dark but a touch of sweeter woods to soften this blend. (Original scent list)
  3. Tea Reader-My Grandmother was known for her prolific tea readings. I remember the pastry and tea. This is a blend of four teas, Earl Grey, Orange Pekoe, Green and Black Tea oils, lemon, a slight hint of pastry.(Original scent list 2006)
  4. * Tears of Heliades Back from the dead, a rich and intoxicating concoction of vanilla, various ambers and sandalwood. (Archive)
  5. * Temple- Frankincense, Bayberry, etc. Really unusual scent with a lot of Frankincense overtones. Has a sedative property. Represents clairvoyance, meditation, wisdom, and psychic awareness. (Original scent list)
  6. Thai Sunset - Warm and woodsy with citrus aromas. Blend of various citrus fruits,lemongrass and woods. Soothing as well as stimulating. Represents honesty, growth and clairvoyance. (Archive)Third Eye - Cedar wood, Sandalwood & Frankincense (Limited edition)
  7. Toads Retreat- Same therapeutic blend as MoonaLisa's CHILL PILL TM Soap. A rich concoction of Benzoin resin, Balsam Peru resin, White Grapefruit, Palma Rosa, and Coriander and Cardamon Seed essential oils, Hemp oil, Shea
  8. butter, Kokum butter and beeswax. (Halloween 2009)Trance
  9. - My new deeply ambered scent (and it is a completely different Amber
  10. than before) with a slight use of subtle spices, incense and tons of
  11. vanilla bourbon absolute (this is not a synthetic vanilla, this is the
  12. real deal). (Fall 2009)
  13. Trio of Terror - Dragons Blood, Clove essential oil and Ambers. (Halloween 2010)
  14. Torta Del Cielo ~ Heavenly Cake (End of the World Mayan Collection)
  15. - is a traditional Mayan desert . It is a scrumptious , moist Almond
  16. sponge cake soaked with Rum or Brandy. Made with tons of butter, sugar,
  17. eggs and Vanilla bean.
  18. Umbrae - Shade's namesake: Oud wood blends richly with the balsam fruitiness of apricot and amber. (Strange Sisters Collection)
  19. New~Twisted Ginger~ A toasted coconut spun sugar delight garnished with fresh & candied ginger .
  20. Under a Rock
  21. - Unusual and a little unsettling. Scent is a bit heady, not for
  22. everyone, but one of MoonaLisa's favorites. Has a similarity to the
  23. fresh, yet slight smell of decay, when one pulls up a river stone.
  24. (Archive)
  25. Under the Full Moon - Patchouli, Cinnamon, Cedarwood , Sassafras and Anise.
  26. Vanilla
  27. - Warm, sweet, and creamy. (This is not a true essential oil, but is
  28. instead a "Bouquet," a blend to resemble the real thing). This blend has
  29. some Coconut aroma. Sensual. (Archive)
  30. Vanilla & Sandalwood - Vanilla Fragrance & Sandalwood. Delicious, warm, woody, sweet and creamy. (Original scent list)
  31. Vanilla Pecan Praline Crème Pie with Walnut Crust and Chocolate Ganache Glaze (Mardi Gras 2011)
  32. Vantasia-
  33. its Spellbound Woods > "Spellbound Woods is a blend of amber,
  34. sandalwood, vanilla, cedarwood and the barest hint of light floral on
  35. the drydown." and then with a Secret Vanilla blend of mine, and more
  36. Cedarwood Eo[code][/code]
  37. Venetian Coffee Swirl - Made with real coffee butter and grinds, layered deliously with goat's milk and coffee and chocolate oils. (Winter)
  38. *Victorian Garden
  39. - A blend of European Lavenders and domestic herbs like Rose geranium
  40. and traditional Victorian herbs and flowers. Helpful for calming the
  41. nervous system and eases headaches. Represents memory, peace, release,
  42. and strength. (Original scent list)
  43. * Visions - Lemony, bayberry notes with spicy essential ginger & nutmeg are among the few notes in this scent. (Archive)
  44. A Wassail We Will Go -
  45. Traditional Wassail scent. Cinnamon sticks, rum, cranberry juice, 
  46. juice, sugar, allspice, orange. A mulled cider type drink, Wassail is a
  47. holiday tradition in many countries. This hot, spiced punch is most
  48. popular at Christmas. It usually contains fruit juices, cinnamon, cloves
  49. and other spices.
  50. *Water/Pisces
  51. - Simple yet effective. Jasmine, ylang ylang and sandalwood. Very
  52. sweet, floral, and exotic. Relaxing. Represents water, Pisces, the Moon,
  53. passion and sleep. (Archive)
  54. Where’s My Pie
  55. - Adorable pie crust, filling and whipped topping, complete with a soap
  56. pecan. Scented over the top with everything but the kitchen sink! Pie
  57. crusty, cinnamon, pumpkin, carrot, caramel, clove, nutmeg, pecan just to
  58. name a few! (Winter)
  59. * Whole
  60. - Sweet Orange, Neroli (Orange Blossom) & Petigrain. Warming,
  61. soothing and refreshing to the spirit. This is a very special blend
  62. using every part of the orange tree: the leaves, fruit, rind and twig,
  63. helping you to feel whole again. This blend is great for postnatal
  64. fatigue. It represents spiritual and mental wholeness and well being.
  65. (Original scent list)
  66. Wicked Woods-
  67. The honey imparts a slight earthy sweetness to dry forest woods and
  68. soil and a slight incense note is added to enrich this scent. The
  69. sweetness of the natural honey used , give it that oh so reminiscent
  70. scent of rich mulching decay!
  71. Wild Raspberry Lemon Tisane- Various Raspberry Fo's mixed with Lemon Eo
  72. Wild West Sarsaparilla - Fresh, clean but spicy and creamy root beer all at the same time. (Drive Thru Moo)
  73. *Winter Solstice
  74. - Tune into quiet Winter mysteries with a blend of different
  75. Frankincense resins from around the world, Nutmeg and Labdanum Absolute.
  76. 100% Natural essences. (Yule)
  77. Winter Porridge
  78. - hot steaming oats with cream, butter and saffron infused honey- but
  79. the soap also has a spiced brown sugar ripple and made with real brown
  80. sugar, and also real honey and gluten free oats in it. (Fall 2009)
  81. Witches Circle - Carnation, Lavender & Heather (Limited edition)
  82. Witches of Devonshire-
  83. Gather the girls around for this blend Orange Blossom, Roses, Jasmine,
  84. Lavender, and various grounding herbs including Sage, Thyme and
  85. Marjoram. (Limited edition)
  86. Witches Tea - Larkspur, Sweet Santal and a strange and curious Vanilla. (Drive Thru Moo)
  87. * Woodland Moss
  88. - Cedar wood, Sandalwood, Patchouli & Lavender etc. and in the soap
  89. "Man Soap" I add actual Oakwood Moss, a French perfumer's secret for
  90. centuries. (Original scent list)
  91. Woodland Pear
  92. - Warm Wintery juicy pears gentle spiced and simmered with aromatic
  93. oils such as nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger and just a touch of Sandalwood.
  94. (Yule)
  95. Woodland Pear & Yule Citrus
  96. - Warm and Wintery juicy pears , gently spiced and simmered with
  97. aromatic spice oils including nutmeg & ginger , just a touch of
  98. Sandalwood and warm buttery Vanillas . It is then layered with a sugar
  99. scrub made from a blend of Winter Citrus fruits such as Grapefruit , and
  100. star anise spice. (Yule)
  101. New~ Woods & Rain ( just like it sounds, very nostalgic! Various
  102. wood oils blended with Moona's version of the 70's scent Rain.)
  103. Woodland Temple
  104. - Bayberry, Frankincense and a light ethereal Sandalwood. A version
  105. MoonaLisa's ™ Temple, without the heavy use oil Frankincense EO.
  106. (Original description was
  107. * Temple - Frankincense, Bayberry, etc.
  108. Really unusual scent with a lot of Frankincense overtones. Has a
  109. sedative property. Represents clairvoyance, meditation, wisdom, and
  110. psychic awareness.)
  111. Wraith
  112. - Wraith is a Scottish dialectal word for ghost or spirit. Strong notes
  113. in woody, mossy accords, with a hint of leather and rich red fruit.
  114. (Strange Sisters Collection)
  115. Yule Log - Pinon resin, light smoldering woods and fir.
  116. Yule Spice:
  117. Warm, spicy, and peppery. It is stimulating and an aphrodisiac.
  118. Represents passion, sensuality, psychic development and growth.
  119. (Archive)