• Image of Art House Scrub ~ Big Fatty ~ 8 oz. jar!

Inspired by our many visits to a Santa Cruz coffee/art house .
Caffe Pergolesi
Check them out at: http://theperg.com/index.php

This handmade from scratch from Moona's own recipe , this scrub ia made in four vertically layered and scented scrub is an aromatic journey, of an old, kind of a broken down Victorian with a maze of rooms featuring a variety of bold artist's works. While serving some of the best, and strongest coffees and Chai's and baked goods in the world!

The house, and garden are usually packed full of characters, amazing aromas, lots of chess, and intense conversations. The Santa Cruz Vampires are known to hangout there!

So the next best thing , besides going there yourself,is this Moona rendition of that aromatic experience!

Label is made from original painting image by the artist: Sam Roloff , who I would like to thank for generously letting us use his artwork for the label! Thank you Sammy!!

Which I think is perfect for the Vibe. Check him out at:


Shown is the label from its originally Art Scrub released years go, a new label may be in the works!
This one shown is Sam Roloff's Painting:
Martina Barova from his Women of Prague series.

Now onto the Scrub’s “ tasting notes” (for smelling purposes only- please. Do not taste or eat!)
Vertically Jarred, not an easy task!

This years version layers are as followers:
1- My version of Chai Tea, many, and many Eo's make this a realistic blend , and a tea fragrance is added.

2-Every scrumptious baked good I have ever craved! Rich pastries, orange and almond biscotti, chocolate indulgences, fresh muffins, cinnamon crumb topped rolls and the like!

3- A blend various rich and roasted coffees, cocoas, hazelnut and foamy cream.

4- And it wouldn’t be an Art House without the wonderful scent of
Art Bettie's themselves (me being one from the past) Nag Champa,
Amber, Rose Ab. And a tiny smidgen of Patchouli & Clove. ( Clove is a new addition)

This years version I am going to make the hues bolder and brighter!

There you have it, please use caution when exiting the tub

* PLEASE NOTE: the Art House scrub pictured is from years ago and was jarred into a 16 oz. jar.
This years version is a hand-able 8 oz. which weighs about 12.5 oz's.
And the color of the scrubs will be much more bright , still subdued but in colors.

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