• Image of Panoramic Eggs

These panoramic egg boxes are made from a hard plastic outer shell and an Easter scene inside the lid . Easter scenes are made by Moona herself, and they are a hodge podge of Vintage and reproduction Easter cutouts, German Dresden, Vintage scraps, Moss, tissue grass, glitter and magic~ Mushrooms and flora are vintage German spun cotton and pre-done , and the little eggs and carrots are modern made spun cotton that come plain then colored and glittered by Moona.

No Easter scene is exactly alike being that they are handmade.

The bottom half is filled with MoonaLisa's ™ Bath Truffles and Solid Scrubs all of which are foil covered. Each egg gets about fifteen pieces, and more then half are larger then the Mardi Gras truffle size that comes in the box.
All handmade massage bars, bath melts and solid sugar scrubs come in an assortment of scents and shapes, some are traditional Easter shapes, and some are traditional truffle shapes. Fragrant and non fragrant cocoa butter is used and varied oils to make them. All truffles are labeled for their scent and type.

The whole outer egg is wrapped in golden cellophane for a very nostalgic look!
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