• Image of Enchanted Pillars- Fat Paraffin Pillar- Tree of Life

These are the candles I have been working on forever! Finally! I got it dialed:)
I made old woodcut collages and found the secret to making them into candles for you! There are two images to choose from at this time, but many many more images in the works and also custom images and script available soon!

I was inspired when I found one similar when we went to Stratford-upon-Avon- the birth place of Shakespeare (pronounced /ˌstrætfəd əpɒn ˈeɪvən/, from Celtic [ˈavon]) , years before minimoo came along. And have been searching a way to recreate them with my own vision ever since, well here they are!

These are about 6 inches tall , and three inches wide and weigh about 20-22 oz. each.
Choose from a smoky resin scent in a pale creme color
or soothing herbal in a pale moss green.
This choice is a collage I made from ancient etchings and symbols.
Color is a dark amber in a woody smoky scent with a touch of sweet resins
or an earthy moss green color in a dark forest type herbal scent

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